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Tips to Buy Long Lasting Bedsheets

Looking for quality bed sheets that don’t scratch the wallet is frequently an overwhelming undertaking. Bedsheets regarded as “extravagance fine cloth” some way or another end up excessively costly with an unpleasant surface. Indeed, even high string check sheets costing three circumstances as much ordinary bedsheets can wind up not being agreeable and delicate.

There are various assessments on what are the things to pay special mind to when looking for bed sheets; in any case, here is a basic purchasing guide that tenets out the myths and gives people a chance to purchase delicate and strong bed sheets that are moderate.

Material Matters

The material or texture of the picked bed sheet is a key central variable of its quality. This decision can be founded on an individual’s close to home inclinations.

In the event that one needs a light bedsheet, they can consider sheets of cotton, which are delicate and breathable, making them warm amid winters and cool amid summers.

One can also avail the cotton-polyester blend, which is wrinkle-free and inexpensive; however, not as cool or absorbent as cotton.

Linen bed sheets are also a popular choice in high-humidity areas as they have natural cooling abilities and high absorbency. However, linen can be on the expensive side and wrinkle easily.

Egyptian cotton bedsheets are considered as the most luxurious among bed sheets. They are extra soft but also durable; however, the price remains in the higher range. One can opt for the cheaper option of American grown Pima cotton or Supima that provides similar comfort as Egyptian cotton, but at a lower cost.

Thread counts

Thread count is a term that can be misleading. A common misconception when buying bedsheets is that more the thread count, the better the sheet. However, thread count is the number of threads weaved per square inch of fabric; more threads tend to make the sheet thicker and stiff, making it impervious to air and warmth. Always opt for sheets that are at least 200 thread counts or more. 300 or 400 thread count sheets are very soft, beautiful, and affordable but do not obsess over sheets above 600 thread count that are expensive and not worth their price.

Online bedsheet shopping

One can save loads of money by buying bedsheets online. One can avail from many offers and discounts online on good quality bedsheets. However, one should buy bedsheets online in India only through trusted retailers to avoid being cheated with respect to the material and colour. Online bedsheet retailers provide buyers a complete description including the size, thread count, and material content. It is essential to always evaluate and be cautious before buying bed sheets online.

Care Instructions for Bedsheets

No matter how expensive a bed sheet, it’s vital to treat it as per the wash and care instructions for it to last long. Few important bed sheet care tips:

  • Fabric softeners are not recommended for bedsheets, as they are chemical products making sheets less absorbent and wear out quicker
  • Washing sheets in very hot water and tumble drying them in high heat can cause the threads to expand and shrink, undoing the weave. This can cause the sheets to break down faster