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Know Cowhide Rugs Features

Natural fur

Preserved cow skins are used to make various types of cowhide rugs. The luxury rugs reflect the natural beauty associated with cow skin. The fur of a cow skin is unique and has unique features of its own. They may contain a number of powerful and appealing designs.

Shape and color

Some of these rugs are unique in shape. This makes them suitable to be used as a center piece in any room. The eye catching patchwork rugs can enhance the appeal of any given space. The biggest advantage offered by these rugs is that they are extremely versatile. They can effectively be used as area rugs or wall hangings. Depending on the way they are used, they can look trendy and complement the overall decor of the home. Some manufacturers also offer dyed versions of these area rugs. These look unique and are perfect for making a style statement. Many people prefer rugs that are not dyed. Even without the dye, there is a wide range of natural colors to choose from. These include white, grey, black and tan. The natural shades are perfect for giving a rustic feel to any space.


Apart from being unique and durable, the mosaic rugs are known for their durability. They can last for years and can withstand the wear when placed in high traffic areas. They are a symbol of workmanship and hard work. This results in the creation of masterpieces that can last a lifetime.


Area rugs made of synthetic materials may often cause various types of allergies. The geometric rugs on the other hand are made of natural fur and are hence hypoallergenic. They hence are a preferred choice of people suffering from allergies.


The various types of cowhide rugs are extremely unique. This is because every piece of cowhide is different. While buying these rugs, people can hence be assured about their uniqueness. The specific designs and their uniqueness can help in giving a stylish look to the home. They impart a sense of luxury to any given space.

Cowhide rugs have been in use since time immemorial. In earlier times, they symbolized wealth and superiority. However, in recent times they are increasingly being used in a large number of homes due to their easy availability and affordable prices.