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How to Decorating Your Home?

# If you find yourself with a new home to decorate, or perhaps just know it’s time for an upgrade wandering around a home store can be stressful. However, with some basic guidance and an understanding of what type of pieces make you happy, it is certain that you can give your space a look that is uniquely yours.

# Don’t try to make all the changes at once. Take time to live in your space – especially if you have just moved- before trying to redesign.

# When painting, consider doing just an accent wall rather than the whole room. Quite often, the splash of color is plenty for setting the mood.

# Don’t be afraid of paint! Have fun and experiment. Whether it is painting the wall, your dresser, a table or just the cabinet doors take time to play with color and see how it works with the rest of the space.

# Don’t buy everything at once. Whether you have lived in your house for a while and are now deciding to decorate, or have a new home and a fresh palette, take time to note how the space would be best used for your needs and then start adding in the decorative pieces and any new furniture.

# Start with your bedroom. This is where you will spend a third of the time you are home in. Buy the best you can afford, starting with the bedding. After that purchase, items such as window treatments, rugs and lighting will be important. Morning people are typically more drawn to lighter or cooler colors while night owls will usually be drawn tot warmer, darker colors.

# Make a list of the Must Have items for decorating and everyday living. On the list, be sure to include the dimensions of your room(s), some color swatches and other essential info bout the space(s) being decorated.